Our core values

AMT is a world-class leader providing machined assemblies to the aerospace industry. We believe successful companies employ great people. AMT is dedicated to a high standard of integrity in everything we do. AMT has a rich history filled with technical advancements, tremendous growth, and creation of opportunity for all of our employees. We are motivated to build upon this history and have created a company that welcomes positive changes. Explore your future in joining our team at AMT by checking out the open job positions.

AMT and Absolute Manufacturing

AMT and Absolute Manufacturing have joined forces to find exceptional new employees to join our teams. The “View Job Openings” button below will provide a list of all current job openings for our South Carolina and both Arlington locations. Click the button below to visit the Absolute Manufacturing website.

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What’s it like here?

At AMT, we come together as a team and take pride in the work we do, start to finish. Teamwork, responsibility, and ambition are what drive us to take a step further each and every day. Our heart and soul is in our work ethic and accepting challenges that we know we can take on shows that. Our comprehensive full-time employee benefits package includes but is not limited to:

  • Paid time off
  • 401(k)
  • Healthcare

The Arlington Community

Located 48 miles north of Seattle, Arlington is a tight knit community that retains an inviting small town atmosphere, but minutes away from big-city entertainment. Nestled around the intersection of the north and south fork of the Stillaguamish river formed from the Cascade Mountain runoff leading out to the Puget Sound, Arlington is one of the few places where nature shows it's true colors and beauty. Explore a closer look at our hometown to experience some of the elements that make Arlington so unique by visiting the City of Arlington website.