Employee Training Center

Here at AMT, we offer our machinists first-hand technical training and hands-on experience at our machinist training center. We believe our employees are the heart of the company and for that our goal is to develop Journey Level machinists with manual and CNC skills through thorough training and one-on-one assistance. Throughout training, skills covered include lathe, mill, grinding, and inspection. We offer a total of 300 hours to our trainees to ensure they have the skills that it takes to do the job right. Senior Aerospace AMT employs two Journey Level trainers with a combined 40 years of experience in manual and CNC machining. Both trainers are proficient in 5S and lean concepts incorporating these into the machinist training. Senior Aerospace AMT is an active participant with Washington State’s Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee (AJAC), with over 10% of our workforce enrolled in the Precision Machining program.


  • Manual mills with digital readout (2)
  • Engine lathe 13"x40" geared head
  • Mazak 430-B vertical milling machine
  • Surface grinder, assorted grinders
  • Drop saw and band saw
  • Mastercam programming
  • Training computer lab
  • Machinist measuring tools
  • Inspection rock with assorted tools


  • Reduce scrap caused by operator error
  • Reduce costly machine crashes
  • Improve efficiencies
  • Build a strong and talented workforce


  • Build fundamentally solid machinists
  • Incorporate clean, efficient work habits
  • Learn how to maintain equipment
  • Develop well-rounded inspection skills
  • Learn to troubleshoot effectively
  • Strong communication skills
  • Shop Math